2011 Poetry Contest Winners

1st Place Winner

In Your Hands - Kay A. McNaul

Though I dearly love
the worn and weighty leather volumes
of long forgotten poetry
and the slim and glossy books of modern verse
meant for coffee houses, park benches, purses and pockets
each one filled with the carefully chosen, collected thoughts
penned by famous names
or the unknown, aspiring names
there is one poem, more immediate
a bit more intimate
that always deeply moves me
For I have found
the most touching poem I know
capable of stirring my body, mind and heart
regardless of content, rhyme, syntax or length
quietly waits within your hands
and all the countless, loving ways
in which they speak
Your touch
a metaphor fashioned out of flesh and bone
in ten unforgettable and tender lines
clearly speaks volumes to me
and this in any text or language
superbly spells

2nd Place Winner

WAVES - Anne Mahoney

Waves in and out and in and out, washing the world of its wrongs
And giving the earth a million second chances.
Just like God.
Waves pounding and beating against the breakwall, screaming in anger
And fighting, yelling, shouting, threatening.
Just like man.
Waves long white fingers of mist, choking one another for no good reason.
White froth marks the loser's battle.
Just like war.
Waves continuing and continuing, traveling around and around the world.
Dependable, always there, unstoppable.
Just like time.
Waves warm and soft and friendly, up and down and up and down.
Playing together all the day long.
Just like friends.
Waves fast asleep beneath a cold blanket of ice
For a long winter rest.
Just like waves.

3rd Place Winner

GIRLS of '64 - Bonnie Hildebrand

After over forty years of
Some, friends since childhood
All experienced four unique years called "High School"
Now, memories are diffused
looking back
shaking heads in incredulous disbelief
and discovering each other in NEW ways
Treasuring a togetherness
Knowing that ahead is less time than more.