The Galion Public Library maintains a collection that encompasses a broad assortment of fiction, non-fiction, and audio-visual materials for all ages.
Adult Collection:
The upper floor houses (mostly) materials suitable for adults. The book collection includes fiction from various genres (mystery and thriller, sci-fi and fantasy, westerns, mass-market paperbacks, ...) and non-fiction books on a wide variety of topics, as well as a number of special collections: reference, large print, oversized books, holiday books, and so forth.
The library also maintains and lends from collections of audio books, music, and videos (both Hollywood movie productions and a broad assortment of other types of videos — television episodes, documentaries, special features, instructional videos, travel and exercise videos, and more).
The library also keeps current and recent issues of a number of newspapers and magazines. Back issues may be checked out, but current issues should remain in the library.
We also have activity kits, which can be checked out for one week: Special rules apply when checking out activity kits.
Young-Adult Collection:
One corner of the main floor is devoted to the YA collection, consisting of materials selected for teens. This young and continuously-growing collection includes fiction and non-fiction books, biographies, magazines, graphic novels, and other items, selected for the interests of young people.
Children's Room:
The Children's Room, located on the lower floor, contains a large assortment of materials selected for children.
The children's fiction collection takes in all ages and includes various types of books, from board books, picture books, and easy readers up through children's classics and award winners, to mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, and so on.
The children's non-fiction books are selected both for children's interests and also for their needs (e.g., for common school report topics) and cover a full range of topics. There are also special collections: oversize books, holiday books, reference books, classroom books, and so forth.
The Children's Room also maintains a collection of audio-visual materials, including audio books, music, and a large assortment of videos, as well as video games and a number of magazines.
Ohio Room:
Genealogy and local history materials are maintained in the Ohio Room, located on the lower floor. This collection includes back issues of the Galion Inquirer going back to the early 20th century, local county history books, cemetery plot records, and other items of local interest. The microfilm reader is here, as well. We also have an extensive Crawford County obituary file available: ask for it at the Children's Room desk.