First-Time Cards
[Library Card]
If you have never had a library card with us, today is a good time to change that. Come to the main desk and sign up for your card, any time the library is open.
It only takes about five minutes to sign up for your first card, and once you receive it you will be able to check out any circulating item in our collection, look up items in our catalog, look up your library account online (with a password — have us set your password when you sign up, or you can come to the desk any at time and have it set up), place holds, request interlibrary loan, take advantage of all the information resources to which the library subscribes, and generally avail yourself of all the library's services. Of all the cards you carry around, a library card can be one of the most useful.
Your first library card is free. We do ask that you bring identification, including photo ID, showing your birthdate, and something with your current address. (These do not have to be the same item. If you have just moved, you probably have a check, rent receipt, phone bill, or some similar item showing your current address. Any of these, in combination with photo identification, is good enough.)
Children do not have to have ID themselves but instead should come with a parent who has ID. In order to get their own cards, children must be at least five years old and must write their own full names on their library cards, but they do not have to use a cursive script: hand-printing is fine.
Lost Cards:
If you have had a library card but cannot find it, you can get a replacement card for $1. To get a replacement card, you do need ID again, just like when getting your first card.